Anxiety disorders | Psychology homework help

Human emotions can be positive or negative experiences. The brain manages the impact of emotions on overall mental functioning with its “executive processing” function area of the cortex which inhibits the activity of the emotion-processing region. When negative emotions are too strong for this inhibition process to work, a state anxiety can occur.  Anxiety can be acute, short-term and, while distressing to the person experiencing it, not a mental health concern; or it can chronic and recurring and significantly life disruptive.  There are nearly a dozen different anxiety related conditions classified as disorders in the medical literature. New research has found differing patterns of brain activity associated with each of two types of anxiety, anxious apprehension with verbal rumination and worry the predominant symptoms, and anxious arousal with intense fear, panic, or both, the predominant symptoms.

After watching the video Anxiety Overview located at  share which anxiety disorder you believe would be the most challenging to have and explain why.  Include in your decision about which disorder would be the most challenging for you what you learn from the video and this week’s assigned readings about anxiety disorder symptoms, how disruptive to everyday function they are and the treatment options available for the various disorders.  enlightened Although the video says anxiety is “easily treated” that statement compares it to other psychological disorders, some of which can be very resistant to treatment.  Some anxiety disorders may have more treatment options and be more responsive to treatment but also may be more significantly life disruptive symptoms than others and your choice point in considering them would be one of more treatment options to try if one or more doesn’t work vs. the symptoms being more severe than symptoms of other disorders with fewer treatment options.  Your choice of disorder to post about will be personal; your post will need to show knowledge gained from engaging with learning materials.


300 word minimum


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