Answer questions | World history homework help


True/False: Write T for True or F for False in the space provided. (Total 30 pts, 2 pts each)

1. _______The Ionian Revolt was a cause of the Peloponnesian War.

2. _______ The ancient Greeks were illiterate in the Dark Age.

3. _______The Populares were the senatorial party of ancient Rome.

4. _______ Sulla was assassinated by Marius’ troops.

5. _______ Sparta allied with the Persians to defeat the Athenian Empire.

6. _______ Marcus Licinius Crassus was a member of the Second Triumvirate.

7. _______ Caesar defeated Pompey at Actium.

8. _______ Hannibal’s first loss at the hands of the Roman took place at Zama.

9. _______ Marius reformed the Roman army.

10. _______ Antony defeated Octavian at the Battle of Actium.

11. _______ Julius Caesar was captured by pirates.

12. _______ Hannibal never lost a battle in Italy.

13. _______ Alexander the Great captured Darius III’s mother and wife.

14. _______ Philip of Macedon allied with the Persians to defeat the Athenian Empire.

15. _______Alexander the Great was deemed “unconquerable” by the oracle at Delphi.

Short Answer: Answers should be 1-2 complete sentences in length (Total 90 pts, 5 points each)

1) Why did Alexander the Great not return home after defeating the Persians?

2) Who was Lepidus?

3) Name 3 of Caesar’s reforms.

4) Why did Philip of Macedon not invade Sparta?

5) Why did Marc Antony commit suicide?

6) Compare and contrast the Roman Republic and Roman Empire. 

7) Why was it problematic for Caesar to hold the position of flamen dialis (high priest)?

8) Who was Selecus?

9) Why did Hannibal hate Rome so much?

10) Describe Pompey’s dealings with the pirates.

11) Tell me something you found particularly interesting during lecture or discussion.

12) Why was Caesar assassinated?

13) What was hoplite warfare?

14) How did Athens differ from Sparta?

15) Compare and contrast scenes found on city gates of the Assyrians from scenes found on city gates of the Persians. 

16) What were the Nika Riots and why were they important?

17) Why did Persia invade Greece?

18) Why did Sparta return home after defeating the Persians (with Athenian help) and the Athenian Empire?

Essay: Answers should be between 1-2 paragraphs in length (Total 100 pts, 25 points each), Answer ALL 4.

1) What features of infrastructure did Constantine and his successors install in their new capital city of Constantinople?

2) How did Augustus avoid a fate similar to that of his predecessor Julius Caesar?

3) Why was Alexander the Great so successful?

4) Why were able-bodied military men so important throughout Roman history?


Approximately 250 words