and ask to go through risks assessment again and discuss other resources that might be needed for the activity as well as outlining the gaps have identified to my mentor.

Steps to Success

Complex plans are easier to achieve if you break them down into smaller steps


  • Carry out evidence based research to support the activity
  • Discuss what my aims and objectives are with my mentor
  • Discuss the risks assessment that I have outline and also ask for opinion and guidance
  • Introduce the activity to the family
  • Stay focused
  • Do not give up when challenges occur


  • Use different types of academic resources
  • Call my mentor and book an appointment
  • Outline the plans and explain it stage by stage
  • Ask if funding is available so as if the activity is successful it can be followed up in the organization later in future.
  • To stay in line with the plans outlined
  • Self-motivated and discuss with friends and family to keep me moving
  • Set my-self a target
  • Keep a reminder of everything planned
  • Have a to-do list and set date to do it
  • Have everything written down step by step


  • When I set out the complete plans

aims and objectives

  • After Gathering all information’s needed together
  • By the end of November 2017 I expect to have complete the process of discussing with my mentor and be at the start of implementing the project.

    Completion Deadline

    When do you plan to achieve all of the steps

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