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Hart City Case Study – Scenario 4

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Hart City Case Study – Scenario 4
Program Transcript


MS. REEVES: Thank you, Ms. Johnson. Thank you for–

MS. JOHNSON: Hello, Ms. Reeves. I see that you requested a meeting to discuss
aftercare. What is it that you need assistance with?

MS. REEVES: Oh, I’m sorry to bother you. I just want to plan my release. I would like to
understand what I would be required to do on probation. I guess I was just hoping to be
prepared so that I can be successful when I return home.

MS. JOHNSON: Ms. Reeves, let me apologize for being insensitive. Give me a moment
to get your file in front of me. Now tell me, how can I assist you?

MS. REEVES: I am a little unsure about what I need to do while on probation. I’m a little
nervous and want to be sure that everything is set up.

MS. JOHNSON: I understand that this is your first time on probation, and it can be a
little intimidating attempting to remember and follow all the guidelines. It seems like
you’re fearful that you may violate the terms of your probation if you do not prepare in

MS. REEVES: Yeah, thank you for understanding. Can you help me?

MS. JOHNSON: Yes, and I appreciate you wanting to be proactive by planning. Let’s
review your court order. After release, you will continue weekly addictions counseling
and maintain sobriety during the six months you are on electronic monitoring. Electronic
monitoring means that you will have a small device placed around your ankle that
monitors your location.

You will be allowed to leave your home for employment, counseling appointments,
probation meetings, and any court appointments. You just have to make it home before
the 9:30 PM curfew. At 9:30 PM each night, you will receive a call at your home that
verifies you are the person receiving the call through voice recognition. I will set up your
counseling services, so there is no need to worry about that process. Do you have any
place in mind for employment?

MS. REEVES: Thank you. This helps me picture what probation is like. I’m not sure
where I want to work, but I really enjoy helping the elderly.

MS. JOHNSON: You are organized, proactive, and enjoy helping the elderly. Have you
considered working in a nursing home or assisted living facility? You would be able to

Hart City Case Study – Scenario 4

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combine your strengths to help older adults with performing daily activities, such as
scheduling appointments, eating, and getting dressed. What do you think?

MS. REEVES: Yeah, I think I would be good at that.

MS. JOHNSON: OK, let’s schedule a meeting for next week at this same time. I will
work on getting a copy of your high school diploma for the application process. In the
meantime, visit the library to research nursing homes and assisted living facilities in
your area. I will also do some research so that we can discuss places for you to apply.

MS. REEVES: OK, that sounds like a good plan. See you next week, and thanks again.

MS. JOHNSON: Any time, Ms. Reeves. See you next week.


Hart City Case Study – Scenario 4
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