Adrienne rich – diving into the wreck (a focus on bad poetry)

The poems in our anthology exist as specimens that best illustrate the formal designs of poetry and that represent some of the best possible works in the English language. This unstated declaration is obviously something dependent on the taste of the editors. A taste that may run contrary to that of the readers or other users of this anthology. For this paper you are to find a poem that you think does not deserve to be in this anthology. Once you have found your poem, make an argument for its exclusion. 


Begin by stating the poem and describing its content, pointing to the places where you think the content, or the content’s treatment, is inappropriate or inadequate for inclusion. Next do a formal analysis of the poem pointing to places where the formal components fail to cohere into a pleasant aesthetic experience. Following this, point to a contrary example (or two) that better represent your idea of a good piece of poetic writing. After this, meditate on your own personal taste in poetic writing. This meditation should include a detailing of the experiences that have informed your ideas of good poetry, the stakes you find in good writing, the value you see in good poetry, and a general statement of your overall taste in aesthetics. Conclude with a general summation of why you believe the poem in question should not be in the book and reiterate all of your reasons as to why.                


Approximately 250 words