5 questions | Management homework help

1. You have been hired as a consultant for a global telecom company, TeleTask, headquartered in Brazil, which believes there is potential for consolidation in Canada’s Telecom market. Because of your knowledge of Canada, you have been asked to provide a proposal on the Canadian business environment that would include overviews of Canada’s economic system and the role of government in conducting business in Canada, especially as it relates to telecom. In addition to the overview, it should specifically outline how these compare to Brazil. This proposal will serve to inform the company’s decision to invest in the country, so should be insightful and provide detailed references.

2.After working as a human resources officer for a large airline for the past twenty years, you have decided to retire early to pursue a career in human resource consulting. Your consulting agency will focus on company training and strategic planning. You have the opportunity to apply for seed funding through a local government initiative but you must first complete a 1-2 page elevator speech that addresses the following questions: What ethical concerns should you consider in the establishment of your business? What form of business ownership do you propose and why? Why do you feel you have what it takes to be successful entrepreneurs?

3.Your family runs a business, Winnipeg Chocolate, which has been producing high-quality craft chocolate in Winnipeg, Manitoba since 1990. With the recent retirement of your mother, you have been appointed as CEO. Within weeks of assuming the lead role, you decide that the increased competitive pressure in the growing chocolate industry necessitates a complete restructuring. Presently, your 125 line workers are unionized. You are now tasked with preparing a 1-2 page brief to stakeholders on your decisions. The brief outlines what management structure you propose and why, how you would maximize efficiency in the company’s production, how you would motivate employees during and after the change, and the key points to consider in the change to the new structure.

4.You have been hired by Canadian Tire to develop a new marketing plan that includes not only the key elements of the marketing mix, but also how you would implement them. You are asked to present your 1-2 page Executive Summary to the Senior Executive team.

5.You work for a financial brokerage firm. In preparation for next quarter, your supervisor, Bob Ross, has asked you to prepare a 2-page financial comparative analysis on Microsoft and Apple. Calculate the two company’s financial ratios. Your comparative analysis must include a short background and an analysis that focuses on the financial performance indicators.


Approximately 250 words